Gerrit Wolfaardt


Gerrit Wolfaardt and his family are native to South Africa where their Afrikaner roots run deep. A former racist with a diabolical plan for the “Swart Gevaar” (Black Danger), Gerrit began to question his beliefs while at university where he met his wife, Celeste. He embarked on a quest to understand the hatred that permeated South African society.

As a young lawyer, Gerrit’s thinking was consistently challenged. He began to see the black struggle for freedom in the light of his forefather’s war for freedom from the British oppression that saw the death of 26,000 women and children in concentration camps during the course of the Boer wars. Why was the black struggle for freedom any different?

Gradually he became more and more involved in defending black South Africans, especially the schoolchildren that Celeste taught. As he stood up for their rights and freedom, his heart continued to change. In 1984, Gerrit had a powerful encounter with God and became a follower of Christ.

As he studied the Scriptures, Gerrit came to realize that all peoples originate from one blood (Acts 17:26). He understood for the first time that God loves all people equally and He has no favorites.

He then began asking black South Africans for forgiveness and, in 1989, started teaching the message of reconciliation in South Africa.  After leaving his law practice in 1986, Gerrit and his wife Celeste worked as missionaries with Youth With A Mission for ten years. Gerrit also directed the inauguration of YWAM’s University of the Nations campus in Cape Town, South Africa where he encouraged development ministry in the townships of South Africa. 

Gerrit and Celeste currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he directs
The Word for All Nations ministry. Celeste teachers at a local public high school.

Gerrit is ordained in the Anglican Mission in the Americas and serves as Associate Pastor with the International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs.



Final Solution:

Feature-length film about the life of Gerrit Wolfaardt and his transformation from a life of prejudice and hatred to one of service and reconciliation.

From One Blood:

In this challenging docudrama, Gerrit shares the amazing journey that resulted in his radical transformation. Interspersed with Gerrit’s speaking are several dramatic scenes from Final Solution, a feature film based on his life.

Gerrit tells how he discovered the false basis of his own prejudice, and learned the truth in God’s Word concerning all peoples and all nations, that “...from one blood He has created all mankind.”   Acts 17:26


Gerrit Wolfaardt